A Personal Introduction to Your Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Daventry

2221-2 copyextrasatWelcome to my campaign blog! My name is Jamie Paul Wildman, and I am standing for the Green Party as their Parliamentary candidate in the Daventry constituency of Northamptonshire.

I officially joined the Green Party in June of last year, and stood in the Wicksteed Division of my hometown, Kettering, in this May’s County Council elections. Now 27, I have lived in Northamptonshire cumulatively for over 20 years, interwoven with spells in Poole and several boroughs in London, including Hendon, Camberwell, and Camden. I hold degrees in English from the University of Westminster and UCL, and am currently pursuing a career in lepidopterology and conservationism. As such, I am a keen lepidopterist, and volunteer on nature reserves in the Wicksteed area and wider county with the BCN branch of the Wildlife Trust, in addition to being an active Butterfly Conservation member. In regard to other pastimes, I am an avid runner, a music fanatic, literary critic, writer, bookworm, and cyclist. My loyal companion, a 7-year-old Border Terrier named Broc, will likely make the occasional cameo appearance on my social media streams.

You can find me on Twitter at @jpwildman for more regular updates. A short biography briefly outlining which of the current administration’s policies I fervently oppose, and the key issues I would tackle if elected Member of Parliament for Daventry is available on the Green Party website. I will go into more detail regarding these points–amongst many others–in the coming weeks, once the Green Party’s General Election manifesto is released to the general public.

Steve Whiffen stood for the Green Party in Daventry in the 2010 General Election, polling a 1.5% share of the ballot, and again in 2015–this time polling 3.5%, and gaining 1829 votes. I am optimistic that, in the coming election, we can build upon Mr Whiffen’s past successes. I have a deep, sentimental attachment to the Daventry countryside, and, to quote the great poet Stephen Spender, its ‘sudden hidden villages’. There is no-one on your General Election ballot paper with a greater desire to protect Daventry’s character, improve its infrastructure, and change its constituents’ lives for the better.

I will be circulating an email to Daventry’s Green Party members in the near future, as I would like to arrange a meeting (or meetings, if necessary) to canvass opinion, formally introduce myself, and arrange campaigning efforts and Green Party-related events across the constituency. As financial resources are very scarce for the Northamptonshire branch, I have established a Crowdfunder in case any existing members, Daventry constituents and/or Green Party supporters would like to contribute to my campaign. If you do not wish to donate money, you can do me a tremendous service by engaging digitally with my campaign: sharing this blog, my Tweets, and fundraising page on whichever social media platforms you have at your disposal will be just as helpful.

If anyone is interested in volunteering, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and help to ensure that we reach as many people as possible before polling day on the 8th June. Word of mouth is key. If you would like to become a member of the Green Party, you can do so here. You can follow the Northamptonshire Green Party on Facebook for updates on all of our county’s General Election candidates.

I hope to see (or hear) from you soon.




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